Positives of Evangelicalism

I just finished reading Evangelicals on the the Canterbury Trail by Robert Webber. Very good, easy read. It confirmed a lot of what I’ve been realizing about where I am at on my sojourn.

One thing that was good, at the end of the book, was his snapshot of the strengths of evangelicalism. He writes:

In sum, evangelicals bring to the liturgical tradition these strengths–the sense of personal conversion, a deep concern to be orthodox, an attachment and love for the Scripture, and a sense of mission. Evangelicals on the Canterbury Trail, p. 170

I agree with, and confirm all four of these. It was refreshing, because I have been looking a lot lately at the weaknesses of evangelicalism. I have gained something for my time on this fork of the path. These are things that will continue with me, these are things that drive me, curiously, toward a more liturgical tradition.

I don’t know if I will go all the way to Canterbury or not. But this section of the trail has had some interesting sections, some inspiring vistas and some challenging hills. Whatever may come, I can’t help but feel that I am better for having traversed this way.


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