Stop. Just Stop.

Lake Superior State University has again released their oft-quoted list of words that should be banished because of misuse and over-use. You can read it here. (Apparently I need to man up and make a few changes to my vocabulary…just sayin’….)

I would add one, for all of Christendom that the above list missed.


And all of it’s adjectival, verb and noun forms. It means (unfortunately) absolutely nothing because it is used to mean almost everything. It can mean music, singing, slowly, redundantly, quietly, emphatically, church service, adore, praise and it goes on and on. I honestly had a gag reflex the other day when someone (on our “worship team” aka BAND) suggested that we sing (in worship–aka the singing portion of the service) a song in a worshipful (aka slowly and repeated ad naseum) way.

Stop it! Just stop! We need a moratorium on this word until it is cleansed out of our collective systems and we can maybe, begin to use it in a meaningful way.

Okay, I think I am done ranting about this, for now.


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