Home Stretch

11 months ago, I made a decision to write 500 words a day on this blog. I was faithful to that goal for the first half of the year. Since moving in June, it’s been a little more hit and miss. I still have things I want to write about, but a few of them will take some extended research. As I see 1 January 2017 quickly approaching, I am pondering what to do. Do I keep going? Do I relax my pace? Do I shift my focus from daily posts in order to conquer some of these potentially more in-depth topics?

My focus remains the same as when I first started this blog. It’s totally selfish; it’s for me. Others may occasionally read what I write here, but I’m not trying to become a popular blogger. I don’t even really want to be a writer, at least not in the sense of someone who makes money from their work, because that is about much more than writing. Being a writer takes self-promotion and marketing and other extroverted business activities that don’t interest me.

I enjoy reading and writing, but mostly I enjoy thinking. That is not meant to make me sound intellectual — I often think about dumb stuff — but merely to point out that what I really enjoy in this whole thing is the pondering of ideas. Writing them down is a means to help make them a bit more concrete, to sharpen blurry edges, and to reveal gaps and inconsistencies.

This blog has often been a means of reacting to ideas that I have encountered and experiences I have had. My wife could tell you which ones and if they apply to you in particular, but she won’t because she has more discretion than that. In some ways this blog is just a more legible companion to my handwritten journal. There has been duplication from one to the other, but not as much as I thought there would be. Some thoughts that were planted in ink bloomed onto the screen, but many have not.

I’m not sure what the future holds for this blog. This isn’t a public service announcement as much as external processing on my part. Trying to write something every day that in theory could be read by anyone has been a challenge. A few times, I have referred someone to my blog when they have asked about something I have already covered in fairly coherent form, though it makes me feel uncomfortably pretentious to do so. At other times, I have drawn on what I have hammered out here when talking with others.

Maybe I’ll at least try to keep going until I hit 365 posts since 1 January 2016. That would carry me a couple of months into 2017. Stay tuned to find out, or don’t. I’m okay either way.


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