Anglican Chaplains

Book of Common Prayer The definitive site with dozens of editions available in multiple formats.

Dallas Willard Great thoughts on spiritual disciplines and discipleship. authority on the Apostle Paul, too.

G. K. Chesterton One of the greatest writers of the last century.

Bible Research by Michael D. Marlowe. Fantastic trove of information on translations.

Electronic New Testament Educational Resources Don’t let the name fool you, also has lots of Old Testament and Deuterocanonical/Apocrypha information from a Catholic perspective. Includes charts of how many chapters and verses are in each book of the Bible. Handy if you like to make your own reading plans.

English Standard Version Online. Crossway has made a real effort to get this translation out on digits for free.

Church Fathers Searchable. A treasure-trove of insight and wisdom.

Blue Letter Bible Probably the best free site I’ve found for digging into the original languages a bit. On-line Bible from Logos Bible Study Software. If you own Logos, you can access almost all of your resources on-line.